Dust Storming and Energy Shifting

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I have a confession to make: I don’t own a vacuum cleaner. Er, no, I’m not a scuzzy scallywag who doesn’t clean her home. I use a brush and dustpan. I can hear you laughing. I’m laughing myself; it does sound a little ludicrous.

But it works…for now. I don’t have a burning desire to get a vacuum cleaner. One, it will take up precious storage space, and, more importantly, two, I use brushing the carpets as an energy shifting tool. Yes, you heard right. Because I know why I’m doing it and what I’m getting out of it (the carpets look great, too), I get to create a more fun and fulfilling life with a very simple action.

It only takes me about 30 minutes when doing a general sweep. Although when I move to my 48-room mansion I might consider a different strategy.

A couple of days ago I decided to do a proper sweep. You know, the kind that means moving boxes, furniture, shoes, and other floor-squatters out of the way. Well, I moved my bed and there were two carpets – one was the original and the other was made of what seemed like two inches of dust. In that moment a ginormous suction device would have been most welcome.

As the brush hit the pile it raised a storm cloud of dust particles. And it wasn’t exactly easy to get the job done. The last frontier was the smattering of tiny bobbles of dust that clung to the carpet like leeches to flesh. I finally put the brush down with welcome relief. But despite the physical exertion, I felt light and refreshed. And with the clearing and rearranging of stuff it looked liked I’d gained fifty per cent more floor space. And I’m a space girl, cue more feelings of lightness and happiness.

Everything is energy. It’s no surprise, then, that I experienced what I did. I’d been feeling a huge urge to have a big clear-out going into every nook and cranny. And I know it’s because I’m preparing to birth some bigger thoughts and ideas into the world. It’s about making space to receive and making space to stretch into a new way of being and doing.

How do you shift energy?

Old school tools or cool, new to-dos? What are you preparing for in your creative life today?


And if you’re suddenly enthralled by dust particles, you may want to check out The Secret Life of Dust by Hannah Holmes.

6 thoughts on “Dust Storming and Energy Shifting

  1. I have been feeling the same way. I get to a point where I feel stifled by the things around me and I have to clean everything out. It is amazing how it can change your outlook.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I to, sweep the carpet instead of vacuuming although, I have never told anyone – for fear of being stoned or something – I don’t know why – normally I am fearless oh well 😛 I’m happy to know I am not alone – you’ve have made my century by your mere admission of not owning a vacuum! XO

  3. Jayne, I love how you look into the meaning of every action! I’m in the midst of moving into a small space and I LOVE getting rid of everything that won’t fit! I feel like I am simplifying my life to make more room for what I truly value, which right now is time and focus! When it comes time to clean the condo, I’m going to think of your post rather than resisting the literal task!

    1. Hey Lea, doesn’t it feel so good to shed stuff and gain more of the intangibles? I’m enjoying simplifying too, and having fun with what’s here now. Love how you reflect back at me, such valuable feedback! Wishing you lots of happy cleaning!

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