doodle | 4 artists catching my eye

pawling | print studio - black & white designs

PAWLING | print studio knocks out the first 2 artists catching my eye. these get-lost-in-the-pattern black & white prints are created by two sisters, drawing each design by hand.


jazz green - abstract mixed-media paintings

love these abstract mixed media paintings by jazz green. description from green’s website: “eroded and corroded texture, visual distillations of erosion and decay: echoing weathered walls, old ruins, dystopian landscapes…” they’re like my favorite books in visual form.

…sorry, i kind of like depressing literature.

ward-o-matic - art by ward jenkins

love these bright & cheery illustrations from ward jenkins. i dare you to look through this shop without a smile on your face. thanks, ward, for putting one on mine!

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