Don’t be afraid of a Table


i’m supposed to be a creative person. i routinely slap together loud and colorful outfits. i have a whole drawer full of clothes dedicated to painting, ones that welcome new paint splotches like badges of honor. i seek out the work of other artists to decorate my home, and i encourage my son to scribble outside the lines.

But this past weekend, after many hours of unwarranted stressing out and a furrowed brow, i gave myself a good swift “i shoulda had a V-8!” smack in the forehead. i realized i was wigging out over the fear of a dining room table. It was ridiculous.

The back-story here is not terribly interesting, but maybe a little bit necessary. Suffice it to say that i’ve had a dining room without surface for dining for about 4 months now. It’s been eating away at me slowly. The beginning of a lovely table sits in my garage. It’s a sad, lonely temporarily abandoned project started by my sweet husband. And i can’t really blame him. He works a lot. He’s been picking up my slack and caring for our son while i slowly escape the trappings of all-day morning sickness. And he’s been preoccupied with plans to add a new bedroom to our house to make way for our pending arrival.

“Ok”, i said. “Come the end of September, if we still lack the ability the dine in the dining room, i’m a-gonna buy us a darned table!”

Our plan was to find a cheap placeholder….IKEA? Target? We settled on The Dump as a starting place. And i bet you can just guess what happened next. We passed over all the inexpensive and reasonable choices and fell in love with a completely inappropriate table instead. 10 feet long (our dining room is only 12′) and made of salvage wood with an amazing criss-cross metal trestle base so beautiful, it made me think i might start eating UNDER the table.


Our original plan was to have a big square table to suit the room. Our original plan was to be able to seat 10-12 adults so i could host a holiday meal for once. Our original plan was to have something practical.

After many hours that night of “should we/shouldn’t we”, i realized i was being close-minded. i was not being my creative self.

Dang it! i was afraid of a table! Metal and wood. It was scaring me off.

So i snapped out of it, we stopped talking and we bought it. I LOVE IT!

the UN-scary table

Sure we have to put it right up against one wall to make it fit. i’m planning to prop a chalkboard at the end near the wall and draw pretty doodles and write menus for dinner parties on it!

Sure it only really seats 6-7 people. But let’s face it, i don’t really want to host a throng for a sit-down dinner anyway. i’m a buffet, or coffee-and-dessert kinda girl.

Sure it’s a little odd and industrial for a dining room table. But nobody said i had to have a shiny lacquered table in my dining room, did they?

Letting go and embracing something outside the plan, a little outside the box and a little unconventional felt great. i felt like myself. i don’t want to go through life being afraid of tables…or any of the “small stuff.” i want to connect to beautiful things and bring them into my life, whether or not they are on my to-do-list.

And i just bet i will have more fun in our slightly quirky dining room than i would in a more traditional one, because i’ll feel at-home.

16 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid of a Table

  1. I think ‘slightly quirky’ makes life a whole lot more interesting. That table is really beautiful and you can do so much with it! I mean, it fits many styles ..eclectic, creative…Im having fun style :)

  2. I love it! And I love your plans. {And I really love your existing chandelier…if you get rid of it, please feel free to send it my way!}

    I am a fan of junk yard/salvaged furniture. It’s perfect.

  3. LOVE. and BRILLIANT solution. Now I’m not going to feel weird about switching my work area with the eating area in the kitchen. I’m just going to go for it. And I think the round table will fit better in the old office nook, which will now be an eating nook. And I will have room to spread out and work in the kitchen and the kids can hang out while I am working.

    It’s against “the rules” but so what?

  4. EXACTLY ROWENA!!! Your home is yours to use as best suits your taste and your family. Go for it!! i’m making my chalkboard this weekend!! : )

    Thanks gina! i am going to repurpose that existing light fixture for above a vanity table in my bedroom! : )

  5. I LOVE IT! So glad you bought it. The things we love aren’t always perfect for the space but they’re always perfect for our home. Good decision!

  6. That’s a gorgeous table – love it! And, really, of the 365 days of the year, how many of those will you be hosting a sit down dinner for 10-12 people? The other 364 days you’ll love that you have this table. :-)

  7. Great table, I love how grand it looks against the wall and with those high chairs! A kind of table you can dress up or down, depending on occasion.

    I love the sketch, wow, it will look even more amazing once you get around to uncovering that hardwood floor!

  8. I really love the table! My husband and I had the same moment a few months ago at Crate & Barrel with a reclaimed wood coffee table that we had been lusting after and agonizing over for more than a year! We finally just relented, and as we prop our feet on it, eat on it, and my son colors on it, I’m reminded that sometimes it’s best to just go with your gut!

  9. It took us two years to find “our” table. Best piece of furniture in our whole house. SO many memories already. Almost always cluttered. It’s very similar to yours, reworked oak wine barrels and crisscrossed wooden legs. Enjoy!

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