Do This One Thing and Joy-proof Your Year


From Turmoil to Freedom Original Painting by TheAquaArtist
From Turmoil to Freedom Original Painting by TheAquaArtist

If you’re anything like me, you probably had times last year where it felt like you were walking bare foot on warm sand, with a cool breeze doing laps through your clapping hands.

And then there were the times where it felt like you were walking through a pile of snow in shoes with holey soles, with the wind spitting icy water on your nose. Can you relate?

How do you keep your joy-o-meter high when circumstances seem to contrive to bring you low?

A friend of mine sent me this beautiful idea, that someone had shared with her. And now I’m sharing it with you. This simple activity will warm your heart and increase your sense of enthusiasm and expectation over the coming days.

Your mission: To fill a glass jar during the year, with lovely happenings from the year.

 Every time you have a special moment….

 It can be something nice happening to you…

An experience….

An aspiration………

Even a thought……

And whatever else you can think of.

Write it down on a slip of paper, fold it up, and put in the jar.

At the end of 2014, you’ll be able to read & remember all those special details that made up the year.  So often, we forget or overlook all the lovely gifts that came our way.

Cool, right? I’ve started mine. I already have twelve rolled up bits of paper in a jam jar, but will probably need to upgrade to a larger Kilner jar later. However the point is to just get started.

Imagine what fun you could have if a load of you and your friends do this and then brought your jars to an end-of-year celebration eleven or so months from now.

Happy New Year!

Weeping endures for a night. But joy comes in the morning. – Psalm 30



4 thoughts on “Do This One Thing and Joy-proof Your Year

  1. I heard somebody talking about this before, I wondered if anybody ever has the discipline (or good memory) to fill it for a whole year. I’m going to try, but I’ll probably forget. Still, if I can get to the end of 2014 and have a few happy memories to look back on, that’s going to be a good New Year’s Eve for me!

    Thanks for reminding me about this (I had already forgotten!)

  2. You’re very welcome Dom! It’s a powerful act, more than simply having things to be thankful for. It is in truly noticing things that transformation happens. Noticing how much good actually comes our way is truly transformational, it changes stories in our minds, expands our understanding of ‘good’, and causes us to expect good things – tangible and intangible.

  3. I love this. I have a “Happiness Jar” which is a similar idea, but I put in it phrases, affirmations and thoughts that I really love so any time I feel low or even am just passing the jar, I can dip in, pull one out at random and be immediately brought back to centre. :)

  4. Thanks Tara. I love that we can play with so many variations on this! It’s also a simple way of allowing more child-like spontaneity and wonder into our lives. I’ve got so many wrapped pieces of paper in my jar now that I don’t remember them all any more. I get a little pleasure hit when I decide that I’ll have a ‘swirl and pick’, so much fun!

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