DIY Recycled Wine Bottle Scrapbook Paper Vases

diy vases

One of the first things you’ll learn about me is that I hate to throw anything away. I always love finding new uses for old items. That’s probably why basically all my vases are old wine bottles or other glass bottles that weren’t originally intended to be vases. These work pretty well on their own, but I’ve found a couple of quick and inexpensive ways to spruce them up a bit. Here’s a really simple tutorial to help you make some customized vases to match your home or party decor (these make really great centerpieces!)

What you need:

  • old wine bottles
  • scrapbook paper
  • washi tape

scrapbook paper labels

diy washi tape vase

This project is so simple that it only requires a couple of supplies you probably already have around your home. You’ll need to start with an empty wine bottle. Clean both the inside and the outside of it well. You can even remove the label with some goo-gone or a similar product if you choose. Then you’ll need to measure the area of the bottle you want covered. I chose to simply cover the label area of each bottle with some colorful scrapbook paper. Cut your scrapbook paper of choice to the correct length and then wrap it around the base of the bottle to get a proper width measurement.

Take some washi tape in a complementary color or pattern and use it to go all the way around the bottle at the top and bottom of the scrapbook paper to secure it in place. That’s all there is to it! Now you have a more customized vase with colors and patterns that might go a little better with your decor taste than the original label 😉 Happy decorating!

scrapbook paper vases

diy scrapbook paper vase

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