DIY Gold Heart Wine Glasses

gold heart wine glasses

I love wine. So I have a lot of wine glasses. And I’ve been looking for ways to sort of dress up some of my glasses, particularly some of those that I got from events and things where the glasses had little logos on them. So I came up with this really quick and easy project to decorate some wine glasses.

DIY Gold Heart Wine Glasses – supplies:

  • wine glasses
  • painter’s tape
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • gold spray paint

heart tape stencil

heart wine stencil

Start with a clean wine glass. Then you’ll need to create a stencil with some painter’s tape. Use a pencil to draw the outline of a heart on the tape (you might need to stick two pieces of tape together if you want your heart stencil to be a little bigger). Then cut out the inside of the heart with scissors.

taped wine glass

painted wine glass

Apply the stencil to the wine glass, leaving the inside of the heart over the area you want painted. Then cover the rest of the glass with tape as well, unless you want to leave the stem uncovered so you can paint that part as well.

Go outside and apply your gold spray paint to the glass. Let it dry and apply extra coats if necessary. Then remove the tape stencil and make sure it looks just how you want it. That’s it! Enjoy your wine in your fancy new glass.

heart wine glass

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