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Karen Rae is a writer and artist who has been making things & experimenting with making things all her life. Her creative jaunts have led her from one thing to another, but recurring themes tend to emerge no matter what the media: birds, flowers, butterflies, swirls, trees, hills. she says: "I find endless fascination and inspiration in the natural world and recognize how it threads its way into the symbolic nature contained in my art and writing. I love to witness the mirroring process and interdependence of all living things and feel there is so much to be learned by merely gazing more deeply at what is living and present in current moments." i love the varying styles she brings to her paintings through her use of acrylics, oils, watercolors & charcoal - yet they're so unified as a collection. she has fine art prints, giclee prints & originals available. good luck in 2009 Karen!

$30-170 from good enough

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