defy the form; declare your identity

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I was recently asked to describe what I do on a form. I could have easily written career coach. Or small busines coach. But the inside of my head kept repeating, “I’m a biz illuminatrix.”

That feels accurate. The words feel good around my work. But would people think I was nuts? Or even know what I mean?

I had a short fantasy about what all the people reading it would think.

“Oh, ok. She doesn’t really know what her businss is about. Who would hire her? That’s not even a word!”

Yes, I was bullied by imaginary people over my word choice on a standardized form.

But you know, what? I AM a biz illuminatrix. It’s in the feedback I get from clients, where I lead from, and what I strive to do. As a description, it’s not conventional and it’s not convenient. It’s evocative. It’s rebellious. It’s what you get when you get me.

So I went with it. Say hello the world’s first (?) Biz Illuminatrix.

I invite you to join me in defying the forms.

What identity will you delcare for yourself? Serve it up in the comments, raw and real.

Gathering light,

11 thoughts on “defy the form; declare your identity

  1. I love “biz illuminatrix” !
    I always say I’m a crafty crafter , so far spell check has been my only critic on that one, lol! But now even that sounds tame for me, I will have to think on this……

  2. It’s perfect, Laura, your biz illuminatrix identity and SO very true! I’ve started calling myself a free-lance artist on forms. Right now, I’m “only” a digital and papercrafting artist, so I never felt entitled to putting that title down in words. However, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Thanks for the ever-illuminating ideas!

  3. Business doula! Helping people through the labor pains of bringing thei creative genius to life, Awesomeness amplifier and bacon goddess at your service!

  4. I’m an event planner, but I recently changed my business card to read “Fun Architect,” because I design experiences that make people laugh and play. Plus, if I ever decide to become an actual architect, I can keep the same business cards (as long as I stay fun). :)

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