danielle miller jewelry :: a ring a day

New Year's Ring (RAD #1 - 1/1/10)

Velcro Ring Series (RAD 52 - 59)

Orange Blossom (RAD #13)

Tired (RAD #2 1/2/10)

Groucho Nose (RAD 49)

from danielle miller‘s ring a day series. love how she mixes the ridiculous with the sublime – really makes you think about the form & function of each piece.

from a recent blog post on the series:

The Ring-a-Day Project has given me the motivation to veer off my daily path and the freedom to explore concepts and designs that don’t need to fit in with my production line. I have been yearning for this freedom for a long time and I am so glad I decided to join this project!

images via flickr

5 thoughts on “danielle miller jewelry :: a ring a day

    1. you’re quite welcome, amy! i’ve had the pleasure of seeing danielle’s work in person and it is truly spectacular! and quite innovative – so hard to do in the jewelry market.

      thanks for stopping by today!

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