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on my dayjob/personal blog, daisy janie, i have a small list of daily inspiration blogs (which needs to be updated). these are artists whose work lifts me up everytime i see it, and i scramble to see what they're doing when i see they have a new post. they all seem to be busy, busy, busy…making new things, trying out new ideas, experimenting with new surfaces and materials. i think diversifying product offerings might be the key to survival in the current economy! just thought i'd share these happy visions with you – i'll share another group next week.


row 1: garden seed fabrics from a little hut | 2009 calendar from amy marcella
row 2: free holiday downloads from a print a day | holiday cards from creative thursday


row 3: nature baby fabrics from cicada studio | new design & pillow from dizzy design
row 4: swirl notepad from hollabee | illustrated 'i've never met you' zine from jess gonacha

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