Dabbling to Discovery

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Are you constantly taking in inspiration and ideas and feel drawn to new mediums and crafts?

When we may already have time constraints or a giant stash of existing materials it can seem out of reach to dive into something new.

You head to the store to investigate a craft and find yourself faced with a huge shopping list of possible items to buy.

It can be hard to justify playing the field when you are already committed to a trusty favourite.

There is so much to be gained, though, from experimenting and exploring new areas – whether you uncover a new passion, gain crossover skills, or simply spark your creative muse.

In recent years I have started doodling, art journaling, mixed media, embroidery, metal smithing, and hand lettering.

Tonight I head to my first ever crochet lesson.

It is a free social group, but I am paying for beginner lessons. I know I could learn from a book or online, but through dabbling I have discovered that I need support, hands on correction as I learn, and laughter to ease my perfectionistic tendency to over think things.

Keep it simple and go into things knowing it is okay to dabble- as often as you feel called- and drop things that don’t suit you.

Try before you invest heavily.

Take a workshop or online class.
Go to a meet up or free offering.
Ask a friend to play with her tools and supplies РThey would probably welcome the company and you can bring the refreshments.
Go to Youtube for free instructions and tutorials.
Seek out inexpensive versions of supplies- your first knitting attempt does not need to be with expensive and precious wool, by going cheap at the start you remove the pressure for completion and encourage freedom and play.

Save the big investments for later if you fall in love (and even then it is optional in most mediums as there are always low and no cost options for everything involved in the arts).

Give yourself permission to quit or move on.

Let yourself let it go – if something is not for you do not waste time forcing yourself to complete it.

You know if something is a good fit because you want to make time for it. The blanket you avoid working on for 6 months is wasting your energy that might be better spent doodling or collaging.

If you have supplies taunting you in your home pass them on to someone who would like to explore as well. Let the circle continue.

Is there something that has been calling to you, distracting your attention from your first (or second) love?

Test the waters and dabble for a bit.

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