curating your gallery of enoughness

This is a guest post by Rachel Cole

"be the you of your soul" by breedingfancy

How many times today will you be told that you are loved? Maybe a few.

Attractive? I hope at least once.

Enough? Not likely.

How many times today will you be told some version of your not being good or pretty or young or wealthy or organized or healthy or smart or productive or quick or clean or accomplished or prepared or equipped or flexible or strong or pure or tall or sexy or bold or attractive or desirable or savvy or networked or progressive or innovative or creative or feminine or masculine or conservative or generous or amazing or altruistic or friendly or tough or toned or together ENOUGH?

Oh, maybe a couple of thousand times.


Whether we like it or not, whether we own a television or not, we are constantly being exposed to messages that, in addition to selling us products or services, sell us endless notions (or rather myths) of our inadequacy.

We should not take lightly these large quantities of toxic and inaccurate messages that we consume because they are insidious.

One way I have learned to combat this kind of brainwashing is to use the walls and surfaces of my home to inundate myself with counter-messages (or truths) so that I can see my life more clearly.

This idea may sound a bit woo, but with a sense of who you are, your personal style, and Etsy, you can counteract the bombardment of messages about our inadequacy in a stylish way. And you can do it so visitors to your home or office don’t gag at the site of sad little post-it notes that read “You’re just splendorific!!”

I kid you not, curating my home so that it floods me with encouraging art and the beautiful truth of enoughness has changed my life (and hopefully the lives of just a few of my guests). Now that I work at home, it has also changed my business for the better. Words and images are so powerful; why not have a say about which ones you take in each and every day?

Here are a few suggestions to inspire your ‘Extreme Enoughness Home Makeover’

1. Hang text art salon-style or as a frame collage.
I Will Be Grateful for This Day” by vol25 +/or “You Are My Sunshine” by jessgonacha

2. Place a few ‘word-to-the-wise’ pillows on your bed or thinking chair.
“Smile” mini pillow by memake

3. Write sassy statements using a dry erase marker on a vintage or bathroom mirror.
Vintage mirror by zinniacottage

4. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint or put up a chalkboard decal and write yourself messages.
Speech bubble blackboard by designomite +/or Flash-style tattoo banner by SpellitOutdesigns

5. Turn your freezer or refrigerator door into a gallery of go get ‘ems.
“Be the You of Your Soul” motivational wall art by breedingfancy +/or “Embrace Messy Hair lino print by funnelcloud

6. Display artwork that highlights the magic of un-airbrushed beauty.
“Minnie” ACEO print by geneploss

7. Create your Fulfillment Pyramid and display it proudly as a daily reminder of what you really need to be truly satisfied.
The Fulfillment Pyramid Project by Rachel Cole

8. Create a wall collage above your office desk made up of your role-models or those who have blazed a trail for you.
“Dalai Lama” art print by EcoStudioNYC

9. Display images that call forth how you want to feel in your life. (I desire to feel at ease, like fifi, this awesome boxer).
“Portrait of Fifi” photo by lucysnowephotography

What message would you benefit from seeing daily?

Perhaps that you’re beautiful? Smart? Creative? That your future is bright? That you’re worth what you charge your clients? What reminder do you need to see when you wake up, while you work, and before you go to sleep in order to rock your life? How could your home or office make you smile and sparkle and sizzle more?

Rachel Cole is coach who helps creative people lead a full + well-fed life. She can use her superpowers to help you reach your goals!

7 thoughts on “curating your gallery of enoughness

  1. Great suggestions Carrie! I already have my home decked out in positive reinforcement and my friends love coming here, but then don’t do the same in their homes. I wonder why?

  2. Positive imagery in the home really does work! A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I talked about how we both sometimes get stuck in cycles of stress or feeling “down.” In order to help us to remind ourselves that life is good, he picked up a pen and drew a smiley face in the nearest notebook, and then laid it face up on the table for us to be able to see whenever we walked by. His gesture was cute and it gave me a much-needed smile, but I didn’t expect much more to come from it. But then when I got home from a long day of work the next day, I smiled so big that it pushed my bad mood right out of my body! And it worked every time after that, too. After reading this blog post I’m feeling inspired to add a few more “pieces of art” to our collection!

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