What will you teach the new generation about creativity?

What will you teach the new generation about creativity?

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{ girls dress by mette via papernstitch }

20 thoughts on “What will you teach the new generation about creativity?

  1. I would hope to encourage younger generations to create what their heart leads them to create without first judging. One of the lessons that has stuck with me from ages 5-13 was to cultivate my creativity however I saw fit. It served me well in the arts world as well as in all capacities of my life.

  2. I’m agree with Carry, I think that next generation needs to create on what their thinking and feeling. Might not be good the first time but the practice will give the master.
    And this ruled lifetime.

  3. Women, in particular, are life’s standard bearers of creativity. We CREATE life! We are the primary teachers in American culture (and most cultures) and we should recognize our power! The role of “mom” is often degraded in American life yet internally we each recognize the depth of its creative power! Mom is the single most important person in ANYONE’S existence, bar none. This is the root of creativity.

    I didn’t write about this on my blog (I can’t) but I wanted to share that a bit because I feel so strongly about our creative power as women. And for those of you lovely ladies (I adore you!) that don’t have children, you are included in this conversation and you MATTER (see here! http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2010/07/the-fabricated-family.html)

    Thanks Tara for another great discussion topic!

  4. A fabulous thought provoking idea Tara for this Wednesday morning.. all of us ‘creators’ a spending sooooo much time and energy devoting our life to this topic.. just by the very nature of what ‘we do’.. so let’s all share it!
    I’ve poured mine out on my blog.. see you over there :)
    Cheers , Helen

  5. This is great question. I had already done my blog entry for the day but decided to post again. To summarise my post I would say 1. ‘Keep moving forward’ 2. Look at it upside down 3. ‘Don’t Think Just Do’ and 4. Never Give Up.

  6. Aw. Thanks Tara for featuring Mette’s work today. I love her children’s clothing. And that little girl? Adorable!
    I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I love this question. I think the best way to teach is to lead by example. There are no limits in terms of subject matter, materials, or anything else for that matter when it comes to being creative.

  7. I think about this a lot. Not only in relation to my kids, but people who say things like, “I could never be creative like you,” but they mean crafty. Or, “I’m just not creative.” I want to reach my own generation with these messages, too.

  8. I create periods of time where my children are bored! I’ve done all the tennis camps, creative workshops, home crafts etc with them but it’s all too organised. They need down-time where they are not constantly being occupied or stimulated. I find my girls come up with the most amazing ideas if left to their own devices. Surely this will help them later in life with problem solving and lateral thinking. I’m also a raving mad woman about not drinking from the mainstream and not succumbing to peer pressure. Being original and creative is what makes you shine.

  9. Ahh Camilla I SO agree with you! Over scheduled time is just no good for children and adults too! We get so busy being busy. I did a few things as a child after school (bit of ballet, bit of gym) but was left to my own devices. Moving house constantly would mean not necessarily having a gang of friends to hang out with all the time. I never get bored…and I wonder if it is because of the quiet times in my childhood.

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