Creativity is in All of Us: Part II [Surrender]

creative commons mosaicI recently wrote in part one that we are all creative in our own way.

It is not just about art. Explore new paths and define things for yourself.

A key to breaking through the barrier that is an excuse of “I am not creative” or a need for labels like “artist” or “writer” is to surrender to creativity.

Here are five tips to help you surrender to your muse:

  1. Follow your intuition. You need to exercise your intuition muscle and learn to trust it. It is tempting to want to follow instructions, be shown the “right” path, but start taking steps to trust your own instincts. What feels right to you is your own true voice and your creativity speaking through. This is the defining point of being creative in your own right – take the steps you feel called to.
  2. Let go of control over outcomes. The thing about being creative is you don’t know where it will end up. As you follow that intuition you may find yourself meandering down a path you had no idea even existed. Stay open to where you will end up and have no expectations.Make messes and mistakes – by the bucket full
  3. Mess is critical to creativity – literal or metaphorical messes – they all add up to breakthroughs, successes and development. Go forward knowing everything is just part of our first draft or our seventh.
  4. Lower your expectations. We can have such a clear picture in our mind of how we want something to end up. Perhaps we are comparing to someone else or even a previous effort. Perfectionism can be the biggest bar to creative expression. Set intentions and seek to grow, but leave room for the beauty that comes with imperfection. The flaws that set something apart as handmade. The edited-out parts of your writing that now leave room for discussion with, or reflection by your reader. The acceptance of “done” that allows you to move on to the next stage or piece.
  5. Just start. It can be tempting to learn, to research, to be shown what to do. At some point you must just take a leap and start to create your own version. Take the fears and leap – eyes open or closed, take the leap. Play, explore, take a risk, see where your instinct takes you.

What is your best tip for surrendering to creativity?

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2 thoughts on “Creativity is in All of Us: Part II [Surrender]

  1. These ideas resonate with me. I struggle the most with letting go of outcome and lowering my expectations. I jump right into productivity mode. I wish I could allow myself to spend more time in the exploration mode. It’s a process, right?

    1. Definitely a process and as someone who also struggles with outcome and expectations I know it is a muscle that needs to be exercised – the more I let go of those things the easier it is the next time.

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