Creativity is in All of Us: Part I

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You may be reading this and already feel called to say the same thing I did for years – “I am not creative.”

I think we all struggle at some point with owning labels of creativity, whether it remains general or you face down the label of “writer”, “artist”, “painter” or another talent you are afraid to own fully.

The bottom line is it is absolutely true that we are all creative.

The key is accepting that there is no one way to be creative.

There is no one level of skill or talent that qualifies you for label wearing.

You do, therefore you are.

Every day we all face moments where we create in our own ways.

Throw aside the excuse of “I am not creative” and embrace who you are, what you can offer the world, and what ways make you feel alive.

 “Somehow we’ve come to believe that creativity is reserved for the chosen few, the poets, the painters… the writers. The truth is creativity is in all of us.”  Erik Wahl

  1. Creativity is not just about fine art. There are endless ways you can express your creativity from gardening to baking to how you organise your work flow. Basically any time you deviate from a set plan, a manual, or someone else’s teachings you are stepping into your creativity. Selecting the flowers to plant, deciding to add a pinch of cinnamon, colour coding your files.
  2. Explore new paths. If you don’t feel creative, perhaps you have yet to connect with your muse or passion. What types of hobbies or  activities do you watch others pursue, but have closed yourself off to because of that old “not creative” excuse? Where have you felt yourself complaining – perhaps this is time to use your creative thinking to problem solve, improve on something that you encounter.
  3. Define things for yourself. What is art? Who is an artist? What is a “good” result? Can you enjoy the process of creating without a focus on the outcome? Personally, I may never become an amazing embroiderer – I do it sporadically mostly with the intention of relaxing and playing with colour. I accidentally found this was a good fit for me and my overactive mind. Do you want to paint, but just for play sake? Get out an art journal and start playing for your own benefit. No one ever needs to see it and there is no end goal beyond the one you set for yourself. Do you fantasize about decorating your home? Create mood boards, go explore furniture showrooms, enjoy the fantasy play in a creative way.
What do you want to do, how do you want to feel and, most of all, what calls to you? Don’t ignore the call simply because of an excuse or label.

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