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I’ve decided that my husband – Mr. Scoutie Girl – has a unique creative superpower. The nature of said superpower keeps him up late at night, requires the purchase of countless resource materials, and is the subject of many angry text messages exchanged at the dinner table.

His creative superpower is of a seasonal nature. Sometimes his superpower makes him money – most of the time it’s just for fun.

Inevitably, there is much swearing involved. Sometimes drinking. And always much disappoint at others accomplishments – or lack thereof.

That’s right, my husband’s secret creative superpower is fantasy sports.

Lest you discount this as a creative superpower, let me explain that he has a job that requires much physical fortitude but discourages creative thinking. In analyzing players, projecting stats, and sizing up the competition, his practice of fantasy sports is quite a craft.

Sure it’s easy to discount his erratic behavior as being completely unproductive but I’m glad he’s got his creative outlet. You know what a superhero is like when he can’t use his superpower!

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adrian nier
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4 thoughts on “discovering my husband’s secret creative superpower

  1. My hubby hasn’t done fantasy sports in a while, but he does play a lot of sports-oriented video games and is very much into the strategy and stats. We nicknamed his sports outlet “man drama”!

  2. Tara,

    I love this! What a great way to look at it! My boyfriend is a die hard Georgia fan, so when there’s a game on, I could only liken his NEED to watch the game to my NEED to draw & create :-) It is kind of an art form in a weird way, the way they analyze all of the politics and statistics and plays…not my thing, but everybody needs something!


  3. I HAD to comment, since this struck such a chord with me. My husband works in a very demanding job, and struggles to find ways to leave the work at work. Nothing has really done the trick quite as beautifully as fantasy football. He spends a great deal of time prepping for the season, and is already looking forward to the draft over Labor Day weekend… anyway, I love it for him, and am so glad he’s got this outlet. Thanks for giving it a little air time!

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