Creative Vision – Pie in the Sky?

'Portable Photobooth'Vision is a funny word.

It makes you think of far off into the future, and up, up in the air. A vision can be huge but in a way that is a bit of a red herring. When I had the insight that it’s not about trying to get somewhere (although it will often feel like that and that’s okay), but about shaping what’s happening in the here and now, I could feel the zing of it in my body.

First we zoom out, but then we have to zoom in again.

We only have ‘here’ although we are often trying to get ‘there’. Think about it though, life is only ever ‘here’. The point of vision is to help us focus on what we will do (and be) right ‘here’.

We can use it to reset our life’s priorities and eventually a new ‘here’ will be here.

What are you doing ‘here’? Who are you being? Where is your attention?


If you’re fired up about vision enriching your life, and you’re a courageous, creative woman who’ll be in London this coming Saturday 22 March, you are warmly invited to a 2-hour workshop on intentional living. Tickets and details are available here.

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