Creative Entrepeneurs: Emotional Selling 101

Emotional Selling 101Without emotion, our creativity would diminish. And without creativity, we could not help others see the beauty in our creations. After all, creating something beautiful is an emotional experience. And compelling someone else to enjoy and want to purchase that creation is also an emotional experience.

If you’re looking for the best possible way to promote your creative products, always consider the appeal to the emotions of your target audience. Anyone can explain about quality, price, service, and delivery. But not just anyone can invoke the emotional triggers necessary to cause potential customers to fall in love with your creation.

Emotional Selling

Regardless of the quality of your product, or the price, people want to know ‘what’s in it for me’? They ask why they should purchase a particular item. They consider whether or not they can trust what you say. And they want confidence that what they purchase is going to fulfill a need they have.

Your job?

Make sure customers know you are a person they can trust and believe in. And reinforce that you have something to offer that will take care of a problem, question, or need they have. This is about an emotional attachment to your product.

It all starts by understanding and addressing their emotional needs first. Once your customer believes you understand his/her emotional need, he is more likely to trust you, have confidence in what you say, and express greater interest in your product.

Consider a woman who is searching for wedding invitations. Sure, a creative stationery designer can explain how the weight of the paper is perfect for the invitation, and she can go on and on about the quality control processes for editing, printing, sizing, and packaging. An intensive lesson in how various types of fonts are more acceptable for various types of invitations might be a discussion point. And a review of the timetables for completing a project are part of the process.

But does this make your potential customer become a paying customer? NO!

She becomes a paying customer when she believes that you understand how important the wedding day is to her, how the invitation should set the tone for entire event, and how important it is that the invitation incorporate the personalities of the bride and groom. You make an emotional connection to gain her trust and confidence – and the details and business aspects of the product fall into place when the time is right.

As a creative entrepreneur, always consider the emotional aspect of what your customer desires. Think about why they want to purchase from you and what you have to offer that sets you apart from others. Appeal to their emotions and gain their trust – then follow through by providing the most positive customer experience and creative product or service imaginable!

After all – word-of-mouth advertising is the least expensive and most effective way to grow a creative business!

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