The Joy of Hanging Out With Your Peeps

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Last week, I ventured down to Baltimore to attend the Buyers Market of American Craft (click on each pic to find out more!). This was my third time going and it’s become something that I really look forward to. This market is unusual in that it’s a trade show – not open to the public, you can’t buy anything! Which means it’s all about talking to people.

Gah, I love talking to my people.

It is so easily for each of us, you and me, to sit in our studios or offices or living rooms, churning out things with our hands, fingers, and minds and forget that we’re a part of something greater. We’re a part of a community that breathes and swells – and eats tapas.

Walking around Buyers Market is a chance to talk to people who are the life blood of this community. It’s the chance to find out what makes them tick, see them in amongst their wares, laugh, rant, goof off, drink way to much coffee, and sample the occasional adult beverage.

It’s business and it’s a party. Just the way I like it.

In any gathering like this, with so much on the line, there’s room for negativity. It’s possible to get down on yourself for a lack or sales or because the buyers are stopping by your booth or there just aren’t enough buyers. But when you accept the collective breath of the community, you can enjoy the possibilities as much as the physical rewards.

And when you get home, you can turn possibilities into gold.

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want more community? exciting announcement!

Megan Auman, jewelry designer & founder of Crafting an MBA – and my buddy, and I have teamed up to create an exclusive membership community for creative entrepreneurs. The Creative Empire is about finding the passion, profit, and community in running a business in the postmodern age.

I am LOVING this community! I love being surrounded by other entrepreneurs. It can be a lonely, misunderstood world of creating, running and expanding a business. It is comforting to have a place to go where I know others “GET IT”.
– Holly, Accounting Spot

I like that this forum is not used for complaining, negativity, or blatant promotion. The other members are very honest and open to sharing what works and what doesn’t, critique, positive feedback, and the peace of mind that you’re not alone. It’s a great avenue to tackle the more pressing subjects when you’re ready to move from hobby to career.
Tina Jett

We Believe

We believe that we learn best as a group. We believe that sustainable businesses are built on passion. And we believe that businesses built on passion should be profitable. Very profitable.

Who We Are

The Creative Empire is a community of like-minded creative business owners. We are entrepreneurs who are looking to get ahead of the game, learn from each other, try new strategies. This is a place for serious action and frank discussion.

We are not all crafters or artists. Inside, you’ll find writers, designers, coders, numbers people, and more. We are all looking to find out of the box solutions for running our businesses.

What We Do

Monthly training activities, conference calls, freebies, and lots of discussion on the forums – there’s a lot! Click over to find out more.

If The Creative Empire sounds like something that could help you realize the dream of having a successful, sustainable, passion-driven, profit-creating business, click over to the site to find out more. If not, I’ll catch you here on Scoutie Girl soon!

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