Creating Intentional Spaces

Sun Shining on Library Corner
My little library corner makes me happy, especially in the afternoon sun.

Imagine what could happen if we all had homes and work spaces that supported us in being the best us we could be.

I believe that shaping our physical spaces can help shape our lives.

Do you feel called to host potlucks and gatherings? Perhaps you want to spread your culinary wings. How does your space support that? Is it open? Inviting? On a practical level, do you have everything you need: tools, storage, surface space?

Is family time your priority? If so, what kind of spaces have you set up to support and nurture family activities? Where do you gather, share, and play? What about a space for learning and quiet time?

Maybe you’re a homebody, a book lover, or a movie buff. Do you value stillness and comfort? What kind of space would allow you to cocoon in luxury and restore your energy?

We don’t need designer finishes to create spaces that speak to our soul and purpose; all we need is intention, and a will to experiment with our surroundings.

I’ve moved five times in the last ten years and each time I’ve managed to create a home that supported my life’s priorities at that point in time, whether it was recovering from a dissolved marriage and rebuilding a social network, or settling into joy, new love, and artistic growth.

How could your physical spaces better serve you and what you want to put out into the world?

What would it feel like to have a space that helps you be the best possible you?

4 thoughts on “Creating Intentional Spaces

  1. Excellent thoughts Stephanie. I’ve craved having a space all to myself where I could just explore and “be”….first there were small children, then teenage children. Now the nest is almost empty (they come back at school breaks, summer, etc.) — and I’m still craving that space. With only 3 bedrooms and a rec room that’s “dull” at best with everyone else’s bits and pieces (and that includes furniture from those who are now deceased), it’s such a hodge podge and it doesn’t make me feel “special” in any way. My husband is a hoarder who hates to part with things “just in case” but I’m at the point in my life where “just in case” isn’t worth waiting to see what happens. So I’m taking these words of yours to heart today and I’m carving out that special place where I can sit in some sunlight and read or create something — or if I feel really “decadent” — to simply have a nap! Thanks for this!

    1. “…I’m carving out that special place where I can sit in some sunlight and read or create something — or if I feel really “decadent” — to simply have a nap!”

      Sherry this makes me so happy! Yes, do it, for you! : )

  2. Very interesting article. I really agree that making your space should be for you not to impress everyone else. I am making over my bedroom. Although I want it to be beautiful, I want it to be my kind of beautiful, full of things that I want to be surrounded by, lush color, peacocks, art, pictures of my children and grandchild, furniture I created. I want everything in it to have meaning.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Angela.

      I’m of the opinion that when it comes to our homes and our personal spaces, “our kind of beautiful” is the best kind! And lush colour, peacockes, and art… it sounds divine.

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