Creating Form with Creativity


It’s what we do as creatives, we take formless energy and make form.

We weave, we shape, we mould, we nourish and then we put our sacred baby out into the world.

But there’s a space between creativity and business, an edge and it’s where it can get really sticky.

How do we cross our edge?

The truth is we’ll do it in our own way when we’re ready.  It doesn’t matter how much someone pushes, pulls, cajoles or cheers you.   You will cross your edge when you’re either so sick of stalling that it feels like the longest gestation period ever and your baby just has to come out, or you’ll make a decision one day to just do it.

Sometimes we cross edges in a leap and other times it feels like we crawl one fingernail at a time over the line into the unknown.

What keeps us stuck?


Sure we dress it up and disguise it with lots of plausible excuses but the bottom line is it’s fear that has us hold back our work in the world.

We all have needs.  The need to be seen, loved, liked, be in control, be appreciated etc.  These needs are what will keep us playing small on the wrong side of our edge.  At some point we have to risk certainty, fitting in and playing safe and take a leap of faith.

We have to trust in something bigger than ourselves and for me that looks like trusting my heart and intention for my work.

Sadly the edge is where so many of us get stuck and decide to quit.  We don’t take the risk or act as if we’ve taken the bold move when in fact we’ve talked about it, analysed it and done it in our minds but not in real life.

No amount of reassurance will ever be enough to persuade you to cross an edge.  It’s an inside job.

There’s a few things that will help…

  • Get comfortable with uncertainty.  Seriously, make uncertainty your friend because once you’re ok with it, the fear dissipates.
  • Accept that edges are part of the work.  They’re a choice.  A decision.  A responsibility.  An action.
  • Remind yourself of how amazing you are and that regardless of the outcome, you will still be exactly who you were before you took your work out there.
  • Don’t listen to the critic that will have you spin your wheels in doubt.  Just know that if your critic’s around, you’re playing a bigger game and that’s exactly where you’re meant to be right now.
  • Don’t try and run, perfect, numb or intellectualise what’s going on.  Keep it really simple.  You’re at an edge.  Your job is to feel the fear and cross it.
  • Remember, this is about leadership.  It’s about stepping up and claiming a space for your work in the world.

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