Creating boldness out of blight

Ornj Tote Sit

Ah, ornj. That’s all I really need to say.

Except maybe for this: holy crap I love this shop. Handmade in Detroit by artist/designer David Chock, these orange (ha! ornj! get it?) bags are made of reused construction fencing salvaged from actual work sites. “Creating boldness out of blight” indeed.

This one (the “tote sit”) is my favorite thanks to its double-layer construction, but you can find four other bag styles (with names like “basik” and “shldr”) in Chock’s ornj etsy shop.

(With thanks to SG contributor Jan DiCintio for pointing me in the ornj direction one night a few weeks ago, effectively halting my work so I could gawk at this new-to-me shop.)

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