What Would it Take to Make 2012 Magical?

2011 was magical for me. I had [what passes in my life for] a place and stuck to it. I traveled. I grew my business. I earned more money. I made life changes.

I lived.

In 2012, I want to do it all over again but with even more style, pizzazz, and ease. And so I’ve started planning.

I don’t make spreadsheets or vision boards, mind maps or life planners. I do what comes naturally: think, journal, jot down, and visualize. If you’re super type A or super woo woo, you might not get it. That’s cool – it’s what works for me.

Speaking of what works for me, Molly Mahar – my super good buddy, SXSW co-conspirator, and founder of Stratejoy – has put together a great resource for creating your own magical year in 2012. I wanted to know more about it and how Molly plans her own life so we sat down for a little chat. Click here to watch the video if you’re reading this in email!


And then check out Create Your Own Magical Year to start making magic for just $20.

3 thoughts on “What Would it Take to Make 2012 Magical?

  1. This turned out so adorable! Thanks for spreading the magic on Scoutie Girl, T. And thanks Hannah! You’re on my list of inspirational mamas to reach out to for some advice soon… Get ready. :)

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