Create Something Worthy

"Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume."
“Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.” – photo by ginnerobot on flickr. Click to view.

Remember that feeling when you were twelve and you were reading a good book in your room. You were by yourself, and there was something just oh-so-funny in that book, and you laughed out loud, and the laughing sound echoed. That sound was so real. You were by yourself, but not really by yourself because you had a book and your laughter. And that book was the perfect kind of funny, and you connected to it.

Remember that moment when you were walking down the street by store windows, and something caught your eye. There in front of you behind the glass was the most beautiful creation. It was delicate, luscious, intricate, prismatic, enticing, thoughtful… And you shook your head at the realization of how amazing the human mind can be to create something so beautiful.

Remember that woman at the conference who stood tall and confident, and she had knowledge in her eyes and gray hairs above her temples. Her words were honest and direct, and she spoke with care and determination. The speech she gave was no longer a speech — it was an auditory experience. It lifted you, surrounded you, and forced you to write down phrase after phrase. You keep these notes in your purse as a reminder of who you want to be.

Remember that piano player whose fingers played the pattern of notes he knew so well. Remember his passion and the swaying of the songstress in front of the microphone. Her voice began to occupy the room in glowing phrases and rises and falls.  The words were deeper than oceans to you, and they touched you somewhere where tears begin.

Remember, and then create something worthy of these beautiful memories.

What are your beautiful things? What are you creating worthy of these moments?

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  1. I remember when I watched her sit in the sunlight, twisting a lock of her hair, totally engrossed in the book she was reading and the love I felt for her and the gratitude to God that she was in our family.

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