“Create A Color Story” Challenge


A million colors exist by combining a little of this with a little of that. So many colors, some subtle and some shocking.

Lately I’ve been picking out colors to repaint my house. Right now I’m debating on a deep turquoise for a bedroom wall. The turquoise is called “Deepest Aqua” and looks pale in direct light and dark in the shadows, but it is still vibrant. This process has reminded me of the breadth and depth of color.

I forget how inspiring a single color can be. It can be personal, bring to mind memories, catch your eyes wherever you go, or give you a new vision.

Let’s all dive into the deep with color. These steps below are an example of actively letting color inspire you. Pick a color you love for one reason or another and make it “your color” for a week, a month, or a season. Follow these instructions (or something like them), and see where color takes you.

  1. Choose your color. Here’s a good web page that includes beautiful color names (not just numbers). Try Palatinate Purple, Debian Red, or Olivine. Maybe you want be bold, so go with a saturated Grape Juice Purple. Maybe you need a bit of calming; choose Water Pearl or Pale Lavender.
  2. Carry your color with you. Create a color swatch on your phone or computer with that color on it. Go to your local paint supply store and pick out the swatch that closely matches “your color.” Carry it with you in your pocket or purse.
  3. Embrace your color. Buy a thrift store scarf or a pair of earrings that are the color you chose. Buy a similar eye shade color. Paint or reupholster your office chair in this color. Buy a well of ink or a tube of paint that is this color. Mix food coloring in water until it turns the right color. Pour this water in clear jars and place them around your apartment or house in the windows (and if you can, place flower buds in them).
  4. Express your color. Write, draw, photograph, jot down inspiration from your color. What does this color make you think about?
  5. See where your color takes you. If you decide to do this for a certain period of time, what things did you find that were inspired by your color?

So what color did you pick? Why did you pick it? What is your color story?

2 thoughts on ““Create A Color Story” Challenge

  1. I like your challenge. I’m going to start with pink, my favorite color. Trying to decide which color theme I should go with in setting up my EMB website, hope this helps. Next week, I’ll select another until I get it right! Thanks, pinned and shared on FB.

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