craft is magic

The study of magic is not a science, it is not an art, and it is not a religion. Magic is a craft. When we do magic, we do not wish and we do not pray. We rely upon our will and our knowledge and our skill to make a specific change to the world.”
–Lev Grossman, The Magicians

If magic is a craft, I’d like to think that the opposite is true as well. A functional, handcrafted item is filled with incantation and conjures the maker with each use.

A home filled with craft is full of magic.

{m is for magic by drkennedyjones}

8 thoughts on “craft is magic

  1. What a great quote and illustration to go with it. Of course it the opposite is true too – I experience it every day of my magic life! :-)

  2. I LOVE this! It’s so true…craft is definitely magic, the proof is in all the amazing people who are practitioners…unlike any other group of people I’ve encountered. :)

  3. LOVE it! My youngest daughter used to ask me how I made jewelry (and any other craft I was working on) and I would always reply: “Magic.”

    She tells everyone that her Mom is magic and now claims to have stolen some of my magic to make herself grow taller. :)

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