giveaway :: cozy/cuff from megan auman

megan auman - felt coffee cozy, cuff bracelet

megan auman just launched the redesign of her popular cozy/cuff! the cozy/cuff SNAP improves on her original design by incorporating two sets of snaps – the shorter to wear as a bracelet, the longer to use as a coffee cup cozy.

the snap design also means that megan can ship your cozy/cuff to you flat and, if we’ve learned anything from ikea, we know that flat means less packaging, more eco-friendly, and cheaper to ship! high fives all around!

the cozy/cuff SNAP is constructed from laser cut, soft 3mm wide felt and comes in light grey, dark grey, black, light turquoise, camo green, and fuchsia pink. this is an idea gift for a sis, bff, or super chic teenager on your gift list!

up for grabs is 1 cozy/cuff SNAP in the winner’s choice of color (subject to availability). here’s how to enter.

  • leave a comment here with who on your gift list needs a cozy/cuff SNAP.
  • for a second entry, subscribe to scoutie girl (link opens in a new window) and leave a second comment letting me know you’ve subscribed. if you’re already a subscriber, double check your subscription, and then let me know you’ve been following all along!
  • the contest ends monday, december 14 at 11:59pm. the winner will be notified via email and announced here on the blog.
  • megan is currently offering free shipping on your cozy/cuffs and ornaments. as well as 40% off lighting & wall panels, and 30% off select jewelry. her shop is a must see – so please go see it!

83 thoughts on “giveaway :: cozy/cuff from megan auman

  1. My fashionista sister-in-law would LOVE this. She already practically makes a Starbucks to-go cup a part of her daily outfit, so the fact that you can use this cuff as a bracelet or coffee cozy is just perfect for her!

  2. My aunt, quite possibly the most fashionable person I know, would LOVE this — especially in red. She and I are a the same size, so we wear the same dresses, but she totally wears them better. Sometimes we joke that we would be in the US Style page, saying “who wore it better” — we all know she would win!

  3. If I were on my gift list, that would be perfect! As for somebody other than me, I’d say my good friend that just moved into the area. I could totally see her wearing it as a cuff.

  4. I would love to give one of these to my mother in law, they’re perfectly her style with a classy environmental twist. Too Cute!

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  6. Honestly, I do! I love coffee and I could use a new bracelet! I really like that it has a dual purpose. Wear it everywhere until the coffee arrives!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. i love these cuffs, i’ve been eyeing them forever! this christmas, it would be perfect for my friend, a coffee-addicted teacher who loves mod style. thanks for the chance!

  8. ooh, i love these cuffs, the colors are so pretty! is it wrong to give it to myself? 😉 ok ok if i had to part with it i’d give it to my best friend natalie, who always has a cup of coffee in-hand!

  9. I would give this to my grandma, because she has just become a drive thru Starbucks addict, lol! I’ll try to make that old-school gal a little bit greener with this re-useable cuff :)

  10. My sister heads to work very early in the morning so this would be great for her pick me up morning coffee and a good way to brighten her day too!!!

  11. My best friend Melissa would be the lucky recipient of this fab cozy/cuff.
    She always forgets her coffee cozy at home, resulting in one of 2 things: burned fingers or double-cup/paper cozy from the shop. ugh!
    A cuff would be something she would wear, and have handy when needed.

  12. My BFF needs a cozy as adorable as these! She is a coffee-addict, but a serious offender when it comes to those tacky little sleeves Starbucks hands out! Why would you use some boring sleeve when you can have an awesome reusable cozy!

  13. Definitely Amy, who has a “I’m not a paper cup” mug as a permanent accessory. But who can blame her with everything she’s involved in?

  14. I love Megan Auman’s shop!! I have been wanting to get a piece of hers for a long time, and as I am a big fan of the coffee cozy, I must say the person on my gift list who needs it is ME! I don’t think anyone on my list would appreciate how beautiful it is or use it as much as I would, so Santa will just have to leave one in my stocking…

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