cozy up | it’s a coffee-all-day sort of day

nestahome - my favorite things: coffee
photograph by nestahome

@pennyglassgirl said it best today when she said “thank god for coffee.”

it warms you up in cold weather. it gives a little burst of energy. makes you feel all comfortable and cozy from the inside out. since most of the united states is under a blanket of nasty winter weather today, i’ve deemed this a coffee-all-day sort of day.

in the world of coffee, i’m still fairly young – although i’ve amassed a vast knowledge & appreciation of coffee in that short time due to several jobs as a coffee shop manager & my obsession with work. i’ll drink it black, creamy, with or without sugar, cold, hot… you name it. it is an integral part of my daily routine.

urban soule - woodgrain mugs
wood grain coffee mugs by urban soule

michelemaule - french press collage print
french press collage print by michele maule

kim westad - ceramic latte bowl
ceramic latte bowl by kim westad

so grab yourself a cup – or a nice big latte bowl like the one by kim westad above – wrap both hands around it, warm yourself up, enhale deeply, and let the coziness consume you!

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9 thoughts on “cozy up | it’s a coffee-all-day sort of day

    1. i agree I need the fizzy to wake up,in winter warm coffee makes me sleepy again!! But very nice post and beautiful blue latte cup!

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