Jayne Ifeacho

Jayne Ifeacho 2013Jayne Ifeacho is a writer, PR, photographer, communications, food, and creativity consultant and author of The Art of Eating Pretty for Body, Beauty and your Bold Art.

Jayne looks after super, bright women, and coaches in wellbeing, inner-branding, and creative expression. She helps talented souls of the female kind create what they want to create in the world from a place of emotional safety — through a strong sense of self, bespoke self care, and the simple art of noticing. Jayne believes every day can be experienced as a moment-by-moment adventure through the transformative power of paying attention — to ourselves, others and our world.

Unchain your creativity at eatprettycreative.com, and find Jayne on Twitter as @Jayneyuk.

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