Annie Pilon

Annie PilonAnnie is a Michigan-based writer and crafter. She enjoys making new things out of old or recycled items, trying new baking recipes, and spending time with her friends and her dog. Other interests include: knitting, coffee, antiques, all things Harry Potter, and junk food. She shares even more creative projects over on her blog, Wattlebird, and shares some of the process (and even failures and lessons learned) over on Instagram.

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  1. Hello Annie. I just read your article “10 Coffee Franchises to Challenge Starbucks” in Small Business Trends. My cousin and I are from Southern California and are looking into opening up a coffee shop. For a long time we have been talking about opening a business and working for ourselves. We seem to excel at everything we do and tired of the “pats on the backs” for a good job from our employers. I found your article very helpful and secures our idea of a business worth challenging Starbucks. If you have any insight and experience helping entrepreneurs with business planning etc., could you please share. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Andrew Bujanda

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