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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this new weekly roundup, we’ll share some of our favorites from the previous week.

What I also do is look back once a year and write down highlights or milestones (big and tiny) to see the steps I have taken so far in the last year. It’s also a good way to see if the steps you took led you to achieve your goal and it motivates me because I realize (most of the times) I’ve done so much already.
– Charlotte on What Are You Doing? Defining Scope


This is a beautiful expression of what these journeys are really about ~ adventure, spontaneity, joy, collaboration, unexpected twists and turns, challenges, and uncertainties. I suddenly feel inspired to draw maps of some of my own creative journeys.
– Swirly on Creating the Journey

The art of creating really is a meditation, I just never considered it as one. Especially when you simply create without worrying about the outcome. I have only recently learned this and most importantly learned that this type of ‘self care’ is an important everyday step/meditation for me and necessary in keeping with the being in tune to one’s self and inner voice.
– Leah Art Designer on Where Craftiness Comes From with Tania Wojciechowski


Early on in my career, I learned that if there is anything about the messiness that nags at me, it has to get fixed before I can enjoy being creative. I might be able to force some things out, but there is always something in the back of my mind nagging me.
– Kim Ballor on Creativity from Chaos: Are You Afraid of Being Organized?

Good enough FOR NOW, is how I look at it. There is always room for improvement, but perfection can be paralyzing. You can always get better, but finding yourself stuck in place while striving for perfection will never get you anywhere. I prefer keep moving to standing in place. Besides, perfect (BIG) is not constant. It evolves. What I consider perfect today, can become mediocre tomorrow, due to new discoveries, new research, new skills acquired.
– Aga on When is ‘Good’ Good Enough?


Wow. You just convinced me to save up for a new piece of equipment. Why don’t I ever think it’s acceptable to spend money on my creativity, but I hardly think twice about purchasing a new blouse or a pretty vase. What’s really important here?
– Laura on Valuing Your Creativity

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