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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

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While reading your blog, I kept saying to myself “so it’s not just me….” I’m so glad to know that there are people who think and feel like me. I’m also glad to know that there is a launch season because I was feeling so bombarded with information and “invitations” that I just shut down and stopped reading and just hit delete. After reading so much of the information out there, I have found that most of it is repetitive, a lot of it is common sense and I feel like I’m on a scavenger hunt looking for the unique and valuable nuggets.
– Maureen in response to Surviving the Rapture

This post (and my Art of Action class) has me thinking about the importance of remembering the successes of each day and a post I wrote last summer with a free printable of a “Did Do” list. Here’s the link if anyone wants to download it for themselves. Because you rule.
– Nicole in response to Answer this 1 Question for Greater Success


Thanks so much for all of the insights from someone who’s “been there, done that.” It helps me to look at my little biz in a new frame of mind. I think that the price point of product is a real eye-opener. Thanks again!
– Krissy in response to Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest: Creative Biz Success

This is a wonderful post that sums up the reason why so many new businesses fail: lack of insight. If an artists’ dream doesn’t intersect with their target’s desire then all bets are always off. Unfortunately, that’s just a basic marketing principle.
I say this as a thoughtful marketer, and as an artist who walked a mile as an indiepreneur. When I first started copywriting, a colleague gave me some of the best advice I ever received. She told me to think of copywriting as the job that it was and to separate my “writing” from my “copywriting.” Writing was for pleasure. Copywriting was for profit. Separating the “art” from the “business” is not an easy task for anyone who considers themselves a creative, but it is necessary. I think people who are lucky enough to be creative for a living need to be adept at working both sides of their brain from 9-5. And therein lies the challenge. I think you do a wonderful job of making that challenge, less challenging.
– Tracey in response to Through Shaded Lenses


What a great reminder this article is! It’s always good to hear that we’re all human, I know I tend to forget sometimes… And then find out, once again, that I’m not a super-human-artist-machine. Wiggle room is a blessing, I like estimating that into all my equations.
– Cat in response to You Can’t Control the Future

After seeing what’s available at estate sales and auctions, I’ll never buy anything retail again! I love that sofa with the tufted back! I would consider painting and distressing the wood to update it a bit. I’d buy it in a heartbeat!
– Mitzi Curi in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Four Seater Sofa


The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is the scariest bridge I’ve ever crossed. Until recently it was the highest suspension bridge in the world. As you walk across you can look between the slats in the wood. It was scary as a kid and it’s still scary as an adult:)
– JT in response to Little Things Link Love: Creatively Bridging the Gap

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