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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

Vintage Royal Typewriter print by CatherineAnnDecor

You’ve struck a nerve here – I hit an organizational wall a couple years ago and started using OmniFocus to capture every last worrisome idea. I don’t give them all due dates, but I do capture them and organize them into lists. When I feel like working on my website, for instance, I have a list of things I can do. I assign due dates for recurring tasks, and for things that are due in the next week only, and each day tackle the list of things for that day. New idea? Pop it into the inbox and assign a due date for it later. There’s an iPhone version too. I’m sure Evernote is equally good for this. The trick is capturing the ideas so you can stop worrying about them. My iCal production calendar looks a lot like your Google calendar. I love the flexibility of digital!
– Lara Braithwaite in response to How Do You Get Your ToDos Done?

What a beautiful analogy! Corners of my life that could use clearing out…old thoughts of impossibilty that don’t serve who I am or where I’m going. Not that they ever did, but they fit in the old scenery. I think I’m seeing the sprouts of potential and I’m loving it! Looking forward to some juicy growth. Yes, I’ll trade discomfort for growth. Absolutely yes!
– Jen in response to Naked & Full of Potential


Thanks for the inspiring and liberating credo. I feel liberated already.
– Annie Andre in response to My Invocation: an open call to your creative spark

oh my, this was great to read! haha, yes those internal meanies can be so tough sometimes squashing all the fun. But what a great reminder to refer back to your goals and make sure what you are putting you energy into is worthwhile for you, right now.
– Kristen in response to Why I’m Not Going to Amsterdam


Yes! I’m in love with the idea of being able to grow, change, and evolve as a business as you learn more about where you want to go – to me, working with your surroundings and focusing your talents into something you want to explore is the true meaning of creativity.
– Katrina in response to Where Craftiness Comes From: Erin Giles

Well Thank you both Scoutie Girl and Lia – I was able to grab and purchase this neat Victorian-inspired furniture set from the 1930′s over the weekend…I really was inspired by your post!
– Leah Quinn Designer in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Vintage Patio Set


How funny! I actually just did this today when I took a friend to the airport. My daughter asked if we could park on the top level. It was perfect for pulling ourselves together after a tearful goodbye. We walked the perimeter of the entire parking garage admiring everything from the ocean view to the less-than-scenic pool deck at the airport hotel. We even saw the entire take-off routine of a passenger plane. I pointed out our neighborhood and then we wondered what was beyond that slight hill? Past that tall building? In that pretty building with copper dome. Now I feel like my daughter and I somehow share a secret with our great big city.
– Janice in response to Ways to Get a New View of Your World… Literally

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