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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

Cuppa Tea Love Mug Cozy by KnitStorm
nice to see an Aussie girl featured – love Belinda’s work and great to get some detail discussion – thanks for putting this together.
– 3GIRLS+aGOAT in response to 7 Questions with Belinda Kemp

Just keep moving when you feel like moving, and hold still when you need to hold still……step away when you need to do that too. Whatever you deeply feel is the right thing to do, is the right thing to do at that time.
One thing that keeps me going is the awareness that there is often a difference between my plan and the Master Plan! and the Master Plan ALWAYS wins.
– Victoria O’Neill in response to Choosing to Be

What a fabulous interview! I’m totally on a roll with this concept as well. I’ve learned that I have to RELEASE my own perfectionism which is really just fear of putting myself out there! I think another important aspect of this is allowing yourself to PLAY in your work, find the joy in the moment and don’t over think it. Thank you both!
– Heather in response to Like a Rolling Stone

Wonderful article, Liz. I’ve never had an organized art group, but get a lot of informal support from friends. I’ve “met” many artists, photographers and writers through my blogs, others’ blogs, facebook and twitter. Posts like this help me to feel connected as well.
– Cynthia in response to Creative Community

I have a bad habit of constantly checking my email & facebook & tumblr rather than focusing on what I need to do in my daily life. I didn’t even notice that these were in fact habits, but they totally are! I should break them. I would also love to create a habit of working on my artwork and blogging every single day. I have to work more actively on that, definitely.
– Kitten in response to Hidden Habits

Love this, Danielle and Jess! I especially love this: “I believe that people like to buy from and promote people who they know and trust and who they find to be likeable.” It totally goes against what you hear so much about how your friends won’t buy from you but I think you are right on, especially in the handmade world. I am MUCH more likely to buy from and promote (via the blogs I write on, Twitter, etc.) people I like. I think you do this so well and it shows in the strength and supportiveness of your network.
– Zoe in response to The Merriweather Council

Wonderfully Orchestrated Post! Thank you Eleanor, the graphic you share here really helps me and makes identifying what I am trying to do that much easier with my current list of projects. And like you, I am scoping right now my many projects to find which ones are the priority and which ones can sit on the back burner for awhile. I just never labeled it ‘Scoping’ prior to your post.
– Leah Quinn in response to 6 Easy Steps

Awesome post & so true! SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT & DETERMINATION is the backbone to success… not just from the creative person but from those around them. I appreciate you reminding me that I need to push to make my dreams a reality. No-one can do it for me however support from my friends and family means everything.
– Monique in response to Where Craftiness Comes From

I usually love your suggestions, but this time I have to disagree. The idea of painting over what looks like lovely mahogany drawer fronts breaks my heart. I would instead provide the pop of contrast by painting the dividing lines of the piece, the front drawer divider, the front and top edges of the ends, and the top and bottom bar. Keep the ideas coming!
– Chantelle in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Two-Toned Dresser

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