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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

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Gwyn – this is an amazing post and I can relate completely. I, too, am on a mission to change the world through my art/products. Frankly, I am at the point of figuring out what to do, next steps, etc. But I long for the day when I feel as though I’ve “made it.” Your post is inspiring to me, allowing me to see that I’m definitely not alone. Thank you for that. And I wholeheartedly agree/feel that you should do what you are passionate about. One life to live, make it one worth living.
– Maria in response to Are You Ready for Change?

engaged is a great word. a great way to look at things. I recognize that I have all sorts of anxiety wrapped up in being productive, in being in action. If I’m not productive and in action, I get stressed. But I don’t want to equate my self worth with a product. Life is a process. What I want out of life is to be engaged.
– Rowena in response to Action Is Overrated


I’m fortunate (in a way) to have a good mind for list-making, number-crunching, and future-predicting in addition to my weirdo creative side. But even I look at some of the “tried and true” methods for laying a business foundation and want to go screaming into the wilderness, maybe to set up shop with some squirrels and pay in peanuts (ha!). I’ve been very fortunate, however, to find a little niche in the intertubes that’s dedicated to this very dichotomy. Thanks to you and all who write on it!
– Ellie Di in response to Know Your Numbers

This is great. I think it’s great to note that when we feel even slightly jealous it is just a sign to tell us there is something in our life that is missing – it is something to strive for – to be inspired by! I also like the idea of visualizing the experience rather than the materiel gain – because the experience is really what we’re striving for anyways. Going to the source. Thanks!
– Jessie Turner in response to Obliterating Beliefs with Bridget Pilloud


I SO agree with you on this! I often find myself distracted by the things that I “want” to do (which are basically just time wasters and procrastination techniques – my boyfriend calls it “avoiding the muse”) when I should really be tackling my list of mini goals to reach the big goals! You’ve got to reprimand yourself sometimes – you’re the boss, after all!
– Christine in response to Get It On the Shelf

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