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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this weekly roundup, we’ll share some of our favorites from the previous week.

"waiting for my tea" by backbonestudio
I certainly have mixed feelings about a lot of things (including a lot of art), but I think it’s a mistake to say a hammer is the only tool. Are we only allowed to speak through one type of art? (Not pretty art, apparently. And what is “pretty,” anyway?) Does this mean we can also only speak with one type of words? Can we only yell or are we allowed to also ask questions, draw people in with friendliness, or even sometimes…laugh? To quote Derrick Jensen: “Do what you love, do what you can, do what best serves your landbase.” We need many, many kinds of people using many, many kinds of tools.
– Emma in response to Every Picture Tells a Story

Want to know how I knew I was serious about having a business and not a hobby? I stopped using my big seamstress-cutting-fabric scissors for snipping threads and bought myself a $20 pair of embroidery scissors.
– Kathryn in response to Tooling Around


I have struggled with this many times myself. When I think about the clothes in the cheap chain stores – when I think about the cheap electronics – I realise that someone HAS made them by hand. And the problem is that those people aren’t getting the respect – or pay, or conditions, or lifestyle – that they deserve. And I wish I could change that!
– jessvanden in response to On Factories

This article hit home, I am struggling to get my art career established, and am utilizing every social networking and art site that I can. Etsy, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Deviant Art, RedBubble, Society 6…it is exhausting, but I can see it slowly starting to pay off.
– Karen Hallion in response to Debunking Your Social Media Myths


I think living without contradictions leaves one boxed in. There is always room for a contradiction. We should embrace the new light that shines on our opinions especially. There is something special in what we thought we knew merging into something else. It doesn’t mean that what we once thought or said was wrong, it just means we are growing, changing, and being open to life as we should be. I also believe this is where tolerance is born. Unlearning, learning, and going with it.
– Jamie Shehan in response to Living In Contradictions

Thanks for the article! I also wanted to mention it’s good to know how long it takes to do stuff when you start looking at doing custom jobs for clients. Like meetings, revisions, sourcing supplies and even photographing work to send to them for approval. I sometimes forget about how long it takes to price, photograph and post new work to my shop.
– Jennifer Cottreau in response to How Long? Estimating Your Work


You know, this really hits home. My husband moved into my apartment with all my furnishings. One of my prized possessions is a vintage mid-century green sofa, that’s rather Scandinavian. My husband, who isn’t a gamer but has never met a PS2, Wii or XBOX that he didn’t like, commented ‘There’s nowhere comfortable to sit in this house!” I hope to find a cool vintage sofa one day that will meet his comfort and my style requirements. The search continues!
– empapers in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Gamer-friendly Sofa

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