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Cherry Blossom Tea photo print by prettylight
Yep, we have to unlearn some of that elitist-based education. Puffing ourselves up might convince us that we’re important enough to ask for more money for a university’s Art department or (maybe) make us sound like we know what we’re talking about during a critique, but, once we leave school, it can stifle us. Once we get in the poo-pooing mode, we start worrying that someone’s poo-pooing us. I like what you wrote. A professor once told me, “Art is in the doing.”
– Cathi in response to What Is This Art You Speak Of?


What a refreshing look at one’s audience. Short and to the point, I LOVE this line: “The people who need you most will find you if you speak clearly to them and not sweat everyone else.” Brilliant and spot on. If, as a marketer (and we’re ALL marketers, are we not?!), you’re communicating correctly, then your words will essentially do the work for you. It’s the “correctly” that seems to stump most. So many of us are afraid of “pigeonholing” ourselves – afraid of losing sales, attention, etc. when quite the opposite is true.
– Leah Steinbrink in response to Defining Your Audience

I have this little technique that I use with myself that reminds me of what you’re talking about here. I call it “letting the creative tension” build. When I feel resistance around doing some bit of my work, I do something *else* instead and purposely let the creative tension build around doing the other {resisted} thing. And when I start to feel momentum building for the put-off work, I let it build a little more before switching my full attention to it. Delayed pleasures and all that.
– Abby Kerr in response to Making Friends with Resistance


As an artist, I realized the need to not only represent my work, but also to try to get other very talented artists works out to the people. I figured that the only way to do this is to do it myself. That why I opened up a small boutique in Helena, MT called Frayed Sew, dedicated to art. Frayed Sew has over 50+ artists showcased and we’ve been open for 2 years now. It’s my little way of bringing art to the people.
– Becky Schreiner in response to Opportunity: Your Obligation As an Artist

I love to take a shabby piece and bring it back to life, a new look. As an upholsterer since 1998, I have seen a ton of chairs and couches brought back to life. It is expensive, but really, you are essentially getting a brand new piece of furniture again custom made to your specifications.
– Allison Fomich in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Clean Line Sofa


I have started using power strips as a nifty way of turning things off at night. Anything that has a light on it, stereo for instance is always on. If you get up in the middle of the night and there is a small glow it is eating up electricity. Also, going and buying items at resale shops and thrift stores is a great way to recycle. I make jewelry and many of my displays are repurposed items from Goodwill.
– Jan E O in response to Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

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