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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this new weekly roundup, we’ll share some of our favorites from the previous week.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I’ve really been struggling with being really “on” or “off” with my new creative business. Sometimes I just don’t want to do anything (usually Fridays, ha ha) business related, whereas other times I think that I push myself a little too hard to meet these self-imposed timelines. I’m learning that just because I create deadlines doesn’t mean that if I don’t make them the world will end. But I have learned that I won’t get one thing done unless I write it down on my calendar and have a date and goal to work towards. In my work, I’m really trying to learn balance between the two. I’m trying to show up, be ready to work, and get things accomplished so I can take my business where I want it to go.
– Rachael on Self-Starting vs. Self-Stumbling


I love the community I’ve formed on line, at my blog and others, but I love sitting across a table from someone even more. When that can happen with someone I’ve met on line, it’s the perfect collision of worlds! Just last month when I was in Brooklyn, I got to meet Susan of Creative Guide to Life for lunch. We had been supporting one another in our creative endeavors for a while, but this meeting took our friendship to a new level, just as you describe in this post.
– Kristin T. on Community: Taking Things Offline.

Wonderful interview… Love the no competing as well. It may sound silly but it was a relief to think I don’t have to compete, it’s not a race. I’m doing what I love because I love it. I can rejoice in your success and be happy for you and not think “it should have been me.” We don’t have the same goals so how can we have the same success?
– PaperFlora on Artists are Leading the Revolution.


It is good to read what others are going through so you know you’re not alone. It’s funny because in some ways i make myself totally open to new possibilities (which graphic work I am always eager to jump in blind and go for it) But with my artwork which is so much more personal to me I have let many opportunities pass me by because I didn’t feel “ready”. I have much more to lose if I am rejected in my artwork so I tend to us the “I’m not ready” excuse. But really how can I grow in that arena if I don’t jump sometimes. Thanks for making me stop and think and hopefully open up.
– Kristen on What Am I Waiting For?.

I LOVE this :”Reaching a goal is usually sweeter when we are in good health and have managed to keep our important relationships intact.” So many entrepreneurs are so driven they seem to recommend letting everything else take a back seat in pursuit of your dream… I think timing is everything in life and you have to assess your resources ( time energy and money) with each great new idea you have. Otherwise, you might look up and realize the dream left you with a shattered life. Thanks so much for finally saying this! Grow and prune your garden(ie business) thoughtfully and it will feed you for a long tiime.
– Joanne on Don’t Pile It On. Prioritize..


Dannielle, I love this series from you. So interesting to see what others makers have to say about craftiness and where the drive comes from. You’re absolutely right : it’s not a matter of when, why or where we finally realize that we are crafty. It’s the fact that we have a passion, a need, to make things that connects us.
– Brittany Broas on Where Craftiness Comes From: Ruby Star.

There is nothing like getting your space organized – it increases your creative freedom to the 10th power! I just cleaned out my studio (I am a potter) – talk about clutter and wasted space! It took a couple of days but the difference is phenomenal. I worked for the first time yesterday in my new space. I felt so unrestricted, free to let my mind create – it was peaceful… By taking the time to reorganize your work space will pay off big-time in the end. A couple of days of production lost in reorganization will pay off with higher productivity afterwards!
– Sylvia Howes on Tooling Around.

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  1. LOVE love love this new weekly “roundup” of comments! Its so great to know that I’m actually surrounded by other women who are at a similar place in their lives as I am. Thanks so much for this!!

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