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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

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What an encouraging post. I agree with Elizabeth’s comment above too; that inspiration isn’t simply something that hits you when the “magic happens,” you make it happen too. That’s what makes us “creative entrepreneurs,” afterall. And yes, haters will certainly hate–I needed that reminded today to try not to take it personally–you’re right Brittni, we can’t please everyone. All of these tips are excellent reminders!
– Mai in response to Art to Inspire: 6 Full-Proof Ways to Ensure Happiiness in your Business (and in life)

I know I’ve made a mountain out of my own expectations of myself when I feel resistant to even start the idea, creation that excited me to begin with…there is a hesitation and I find more things to distract me. I love this post. I feel the same way about my work…shouldn’t I be doing it all for somebody else to benefit…to better this planet, this world. I think that my lifestyle already does that….so why not just let me creative expression be that…an extension of myself which is what this planet wants me to be anyway!!!
– Meekah in response to My Blinding Epiphany… Again


In my fitness business, I have found that people will not buy unless they know you, like you and trust you. There’s no better way to help develop a relationship with potential clients than letting them know you are accessible. Great post!
– Joyce Nichols-Moore in response to Are You Making it Hard for People to Connect With You Online?

I grew up in a house that did not encourage dreaming at all-dreaming was impractical, shameful and something that you were mocked for. As a result I’ve always either kept mine to myself (safe) or ignored them altogether (even safer)…but I think you’re right about needing to share them. I’ve been working on not worrying so much what people will say or think and on having the courage not only to dream but to follow those dreams. Thank you very much for this post-it’s good to know that other people hesitate to share their dreams as well. And that they find the courage to do it anyway.
– Samantha B. in response to Vulnerability in Action – Share Your Dream


I write out daily to do lists and then erase the items that get finished (I use an HTC tablet that I can write on). If there are items left the date gets changed at the top and I keep them on until they are done.

I’m thinking about adding Google calendar in to my organization though, since I could sync between my computer and the tablet…
– Lindsey in response to Low Level Planning – Use a Calendar Tool

I love the idea of buying one chair at a time as they are found. Right now my dining set really needs replacing, (small children and whitewashed wicker are a bad combo) but a full vintage/antique set is out of my price range. But I can accumlate one chair at a time. I bet the price per chair is a lot less when you put together your own set too. Thanks for the great tip.
– Chantelle in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Teak Side Chair

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