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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

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As an artist, I am always learning and experimenting from everyone and everywhere around me – and I think most creative types are this way as well. I’m always reading books, magazines, going to exhibits, taking workshops and teaching others – how does one learn otherwise? Sometimes even when teaching others, I learn from the students – it’s a give and take. I have a quote that I have on my studio wall by Pierre Auguste Renoir…”ART MUST BE INDESCRIBABLE AND INIMITABLE…” and I go about creating with this in mind – and if someone wants to copy it – GOOD LUCK! True artists are a living, breathing, evolving entity – it’s in our veins, we have to create…we can’t live without doing so. Theives are just that – there’s no passion to create, just greed – plain and simple.
– Susan M Brown in response to Bad Artists Copy. Great Artists Stea.

Eeeeeek!! this is absolutely WONDERFUL!! i’m printing it out so i can view it daily. it’s amazing how much work i do, but sometimes feel like i’m crazy for these ideas…stepping out of the box…doing it differently! lots of others think i’m nuts…but i have to follow my heart and i know that in the end i’m helping others in such a big way! thanks for this reminder!! definitely needed at the most perfect timing!
-Renee in response to You Have a Secret Admirer


“Yes, we need to earn money to live, but at what expense?” I LOVE this. I’m going to print it out and hang it above my crafty table.

I just put in notice at my Day Job to work full-time on my crafty business and see where I can take it when not spending all day working in a toxic industry. And I keep hearing this voice in the back of my head bemoaning how I’m going to miss the entire summer (a fleeting thing in this part of the country!, drive myself into the ground, and forego any form of enjoyment because from now on every. single. moment is going to have to be about the hustle.

If I wanted a life with no time for sleep, good food, mental renewal, or any form of self-care, I could’ve stayed at Day Job and collected the regular paycheck. Thanks for pointing out that I am being ridiculous.
– Darlene in response to How Do You Do Self-Care?

thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. i have a moleskine new project planner, but have been clueless as to how to use it most effectively. your demo page above your post was just the visual i needed!
– Rochelle Foles in response to A Helicopter View – High Level Planning


As I dig deeper into my own creative business, I’m finding that I really do enjoy the business side of things. I dig marketing, and promotion and research. Heh, not sure if I’ll ever look forward to doing my taxes, but maybe there’s still hope.
– Brandy in response to Success Doesn’t Know Where You Live

Two words: Red Vinyl.
– Amber Ybanez in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Bar Cart


I love making popsicles out of super pulpy orange juice! Sweet and refreshing and ridiculously easy. I’ll have to expand my horizons and try your recipes next time!
– Kate in response to Acute How-To: Frozen Treats

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  1. Scoutie-Girl…I’m scrolling through facebook while eating lunch and see your post today – and as I’m reading the first couple of lines…it DAWNS on me that I’m reading my comment. Thanks for sharing it with the masses, I am grateful and it truly means so much.
    : ) Susan

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