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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

vintage Smith Corona typewriter by rustyvintage

Gwyn, I have to say I am a little put out.

“An army is just a small tribe of like minded people wanting to make positive change in the world…An empire is just whatever domain you choose to gather your tribe.”

Just a small tribe? Just a domain? Just? JUST?! Lose the “just” honey and give our tribe and our domain some power!

I kid (sort of). I wish I could have gone to this domination jamboree, but your summary has still given me a lot to chew on. One year from now I WILL be working on new goals for my business because I will have completed this year’s goals.Just changing out the “hope to” for “will” already has me more revved up for goal-tackling.

So thanks for that. You’re just awesome.
– Janice in response to Word Domination! It’s not what you think… or is it?

Am a comparative newbie to the world of social media – but on the whole posting in forums results in a negative response. I tend to do it, with little hope of an answer, but in the hope that folks get to hear about me and my cuddly toys and might, eventually, get curious – and visit and/or read my newish blog. Have received help from some folks, but not from all the forums I’ve posted on. Am extremely grateful for the assistance received though!
– Isobel Morrell in response to Tooling Around: Are Forums for You?


What a great post! I especially relate with the dream job scenario. I have had a couple jobs that were supposed to be the best and did not live up to my expectations but they lead me to something even better and I made wonderful friends along the way. I remember telling a story in a job interview that I regretted later and never heard back regarding the job. I just kept kicking myself for it. Later got another job and am very close now with the owner and her family. Thanks for the reminder that mistakes often lead to something better.
– Kerry Burki in response to Living With – not by – Our Mistakes

I’ve found a quirky little way to work with metrics as far as Social Media is concerned. While I’ve heard that using a timer works for a lot of people that just seems so, umm militant in my mind.

So, I’m using Pandora to help me stay on track. I give myself 5 songs… then I move on to another task. It just makes it more fun!
– Jessica in response to What you do know: Metrics


I know you already know this, Tara, but you’re totally messing with all the trappings and freight attached to the word “congregation.” If only your way of thinking/looking/feeling it was what we instinctively went to…

Certainly worth aspiring to – and that which you are certainly calling. Way to change the conversation…and the world.

Stunning. Compelling. Love.
– Ronna in response to Congregation: the crazy awesome results of being amidst world-changing people

I think I might be dissappointed with the plans to apply paint. What I LOVE about mid-century pieces is their simple lines, functionality that does not intrude, and a celebration of what it natural–in this case it looks like teak, that if lightly sanded out of most blimishes, then either teak oil or lemon beeswax buffed in would just bring out the beauty of the piece that has proven durable this long in it’s simplicity. For a contemporary touch, why not line the drawer with a color bright felt? You might even consider adding a shallow false bottom there, for discrete storage–another way to apply your creative skills.
– Kae in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Graphic Side Table


I vividly remember our old polaroid, matte black and scratched up silvertone, with that wonderful, acrid, chemical odor of magic. And am so thankful that I scanned nearly all of our family photos several years ago – irreplaceable and invaluable memories!

I didn’t know the history of the polaroid – thanks for such an interesting post!
– Brenda in response to Little Things Link Love: Polaroid

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  1. Thank you Tara for including my comment in your comments round–up today. And thanks, too, to Noelle Martineau (she’s my best mentor!) of who drew my attention to your action! Cheers. Isobel

  2. My roman shade didn’t come out right. What did you do with your pull cord? Did you make a small slit to pull the cord through? I have lots of excess fabric. Was i supposed to fold edges, iron, then glue to slats? what about the very bottom rail? I used existing blinds. Windows are 36×36. The blinds fully let out were way longer. Can you help me, please? I have invested a lot of money and apprx 3hrs time.

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