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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

Antique Jewett Typewriter by maryleemc

I love Jen Lemen’s quote: “You can dare to take that unspoken dream seriously.” It was such an inspiration to go for my current adventure as an artist I made it into a free download for my mailing list.
– Brenda Mangalore in response to Art to Inspire

Perfect timing for this! I was just chatting with a friend about a situation that I was choosing to just chalk up to being a learning experience. It is so much better when you can just go with it.
– Lindsay in response to Be Eager for the Good that Is to Come


Wow! That is definitely something I needed to hear. You can be honest and open without being negative. And the excitement isn’t just contagious to the person you’re talking to; it’s contagious for your own sensibility! It gets me pumped up about my life instead of down about it!!

Rather than talking about how hard it is to get people into my shops or how my jewelry shop only had one sale in six months of being open… I’m going to talk about how thrilled I am that I have repeat customers in my other shop who seem to really like my work and are willing to pay for it. I’m stoked that I’m bringing in a little extra cash that can offset the cost of our move and the more expensive apartment! And I’m really happy that I get to work from home and have time for my shops without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. I am truly fortunate and so excited for what’s to come!!
– Laura in response to Show & Tell: What’s Your Loose Tooth?

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that sometimes it’s hard to open up when a stranger or acquintance asks how we are. “Fine” seems like the answer everyone wants to hear so it becomes automatic. But part of being an artist is being vulnerable and letting others see who you are, mind, body, and soul. Even the crappy emotions. Quite often, it’s the ones we hate feeling that show the most beauty.
Dani in response to What’s Your Story?


A big uh-huh! I know that one… I have gotten way better at measuring time and estimating but still have those days where a deadline (even a false one) needs to be introduced, and then I am back on track.
– Liz in response to Parkinson’s Law & My Lost Semester of Painting

I love this post – what you say about needing to find and surround yourself with that support network is so important! Most small creative businesses are isolated in their studio/home office/garage/etc. and reaching out and building your own group of *colleagues* is so positive!
– Andrea Mansfield in response to Where Craftiness Comes From: Sarah Early


I have always been a fan of natural wood but I know the trends are to paint everything. I am just happy to hear you were not thinking white.

Something else I have seen that could be nice for this piece is to paint the inside (or prominent areas of the inside, back wall, door insides) a lighter shade or accent color. The lighter color makes it easier to see inside and makes a statement when the doors are open.
– DogsMom in response to Thrifted Thoughts: Ornate Sideboard

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  1. So lovely to read the responses I might have missed, and to read them again helps remind me to thinking forward and only that! As well as a gentile reminder of taking a moment to see where I have come from in only a few months from being involved with like-minded artprenuers!

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