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Every day, we get lots of inspiring comments from you, our readers! In this roundup, we share some of our favorites from the previous week.

vintage Smith Corona typewriter by sevenbc

Is college becoming defunct, or will it just change to fit a new work force?

I think they’ve already changed along with the times to some extent. When I was in college 10+ years ago, I found that what I hoped would be a program dedicated to deep thought, discussion, and questioning was instead a corporate training ground. So, that was certainly in keeping the times.

But what does it mean to have a college degree today? I really don’t know. It certainly doesn’t guarantee either employment or intellectual development. (It MAY, of course, do either or both of those, though.)

I’ve seen college degrees required for selling chocolates at a farmers’ market, so…….I don’t know what to say after that. Ha!

I went to college for a couple years, but dropped out. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t go at all.

That said, for some it is a gateway and a path to opportunities they would not have had otherwise. It can be empowering and for some careers (like medicine or law), it is necessary. I think it’s something people should be able to do without going into massive debt.

But it certainly isn’t a must and there are so many other ways to craft a life and career…
– Emma in response to Education or E-ducation

The two things I collect most are shells and little fortunes from yogi tea. Shells because I like to have reminders of the beach close and those fortunes from the tea because little reminders from the universe make me smile.
– Jenn in response to Why We Collect


When stuck (usually because a task is not going right) I turn to a couple of different techniques. I switch from the idea of ‘I need to finish this’ to a more rewarding mindset of ‘I will work on this for 2 hours and then have —— (a reward)’. Foolishly this works even if I know that I will probably have the task done in under two hours. And if the task is a lot longer than the time limit (I usually do keep it to 2 hours or less) I will have at least gotten that much more done. Then I can think up a new reward and start another block of work. Having that time limit with a reward enticing me from the other side is usually enough to get me going.

The other thing I do is to practice a little active procrastination. If I cannot bear the thought of sitting down to my sewing machine to start something that will take several days to finish I warm up by making something that I can finish in under an hour. Once I am in the zone I can usually switch seamlessly onto the dreaded task.
– Chantelle in response to How Do You Do a Bad Day?

I like the idea of online management tools, but nothing works quite as well as my trusty Moleskine calendar, and a larger notebook to track projects. Plus I love the freedom a page provides: list of fonts here, random ideas there, and I can see it all at once.

I use online tools for longer-term planning. Google docs and calendars are great for wedding planning, but day-to-day tasks? Better when I physically write them down.
– Nadine in response to To-Do Tools That Did Not Do


These posts are so fun! I like them all but especially the leaf cuff – what a great summer bracelet.
– Beth in response to Heart-to-Heart

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