congregation: the crazy awesome results of being amidst world-changing people

Last week, Megan told me I could no longer call myself an introvert.

Why? Because I had just spent an off-the-hook weekend schmoozing with 500 on-fire people in Portland, OR. Yes, I was at the World Domination Summit but this isn’t another WDS-recap.

Any trappings of my introverted selfhood fell away in this congregation of world-changers. I was both fully myself AND fully engaged with others.

In the midst of all the camaraderie, the shared experiences, the “oh-my-goodness-I-follow-you-on-Twitter!” I felt a profound sadness for all the people who ask me how to use social media better.

All this internet-stuff-as-life that we talk about doesn’t mean poo if first you don’t consider how you can more deeply connect with other human beings. Please don’t take this to mean that I think you should be friends with everyone – I don’t! – instead, I mean that it’s the quality not that quantity that counts.

Conferences, social media, networking events, coffee dates – they’re all about deep connection and the rewards of your brain coming into proximity with another brain. Your heart with a another heart.

You cannot be fully yourself until you are deeply connected with other brilliant people.


None of the people in my midst – and I was around FIRE STOKING, WISE people – were great sages by themselves. They were made greater by the people, power, and connection around them. We all shined because those around us were shining.

Who are you connecting to that’s making you burn brighter?
What wisdom are you communing with that’s making you wiser?
What power are you soaking up that’s making you more powerful?

How are you creating congregation in your life here + now?

This is why we connect. This is why we tweet. This is why we blog.

Broadcasting without relationship means the signal goes nowhere.

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Your emotions about money deeply affect your experience with money. Tara Gentile’s The Art of Earning is an intelligent treatise on our relationship with money. Her gentle questions guide us to approach money and work with natural authenticity and grace. I loved it.
– Bridget Pilloud | | creator of the Lucky 7 Process

5 thoughts on “congregation: the crazy awesome results of being amidst world-changing people

  1. I know you already know this, Tara, but you’re totally messing with all the trappings and freight attached to the word “congregation.” If only your way of thinking/looking/feeling it was what we instinctively went to…

    Certainly worth aspiring to – and that which you are certainly calling. Way to change the conversation…and the world.

    Stunning. Compelling. Love.

  2. I feel blessed to have witnessed the rebirth of the congregation leader. How’s that for messing with language 😉

    Seriously it was a spectacle to behold so many people finding validation and new purpose in so many ways. All world changers. All leaders. My self included!

    Rock on Tara!


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