coming full-circle with 180

back in january, my 4th post ever was about this really cool serving bowl made from repurposed metal washers. i loved it then like i love it now. i found it at realm dekor doing google searches. and as much as i love jewelry, it seems lately like that’s ALL i get suggestions about…so i’ve been googling like mad to find more non-jewelry indie artists (and who are bold enough to have a website of their very own), like i had in mind when i started Scoutie Girl. i KNOW you’re out there…show yourselves…ollie ollie all come free!
ready for the 360? i rec’d an email from tammy roy of one eighty designs about placing a free banner ad for her new site (did you know they were free?). so i checked out her site, and there was the whole sha-bang: beauty & duty, stretched convention, economy of materials, not jewelry, not etsy…just awesome recycled art!! and i saw thee very serving bowl i had been reminiscing about…and this is post #184 (did you do the math?) how freaking cool is that? 180 posts between then and now + one eighty designs.

tammy’s art is ab-fab, which is made in part or entirely from reclaimed metal from salvage yards. as she goes about constructing her pieces, she draws inspiration from the clean lines of modern art as well as an intrigue with shape, form and unusual objects. does that pendant lamp rock or what?! i hope you enjoy her eco-inspired, industrial art as much as i do. Designer: Tammy Roy

Q: what was your favorite find on a dumpster dive and what did you make with it? [see comments for answer]

$55-110 from one eighty designs

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