combining illustration & metal :: chocolate and steel

chocolate and steel at the buyers market

chocolate and steel at the buyers market

chocolate and steel a the buyers market

more from the buyers market:

i adore the interesting combination of cute, indie illustration with the borderline chunky metal pieces of chocolate and steel. christine is an excellent steward & spokesperson for her brand: she was professional, cheery, and anxious to talk about what she does – and what her booth-mate, lori di magno, does!

it’s always a joy for me to meet these kind of passionate, engaged makers. unfortunately, i wasn’t able to speak with christine very long – she was engaged by buyers the whole time!

interested in more about what christine has to say about communicating in regards to business? check out her “quit your day job” article on the storque. here’s a snippet:

I think it’s really important to acknowledge that even though we are selling primarily online and it’s seems anonymous, it’s not. We are all people with something great in common – a creative passion and a desire to follow our dreams. I’m shocked sometimes at the communication I see in the forums between people. When I meet people in real life that sell on Etsy there is an instant camaraderie because we know we share a goal. That attitude should be there in all of our communication. It will only serve your business well.

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7 thoughts on “combining illustration & metal :: chocolate and steel

  1. Not only is chocolate and steel a fabulous little shop, I love Christine’s attitude when it comes to representing your business! I agree 110% – keep it positive and respectful.

    1. right on, brandi! i was so darn impressed with both christine and her booth mate lori. they were really inspiring in how fun & personable – but completely professional they were. a great model for my own business!

      thanks for stopping by today!

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