collabo : little flower designs & the broken plate


welcome to collabo – a biweekly feature about artist collaborations
. . . brought to you in collaboration with Modish . . .

collaborations come in all shapes & sizes (and ways). this week’s featured duo came together accidentally, and the resulting art is nothing short of fantastic! find out what happened when Linda Johnson of Little Flower Designs & Juliet Ames of The Broken Plate Pendant Company were at a windy art show together…

read Linda’s half of the story here – then click over to Modish to read what Juliet had to say to Jena about this cool collabo.

[all graphics by Jena Coray of Modish]

Which came first: the idea or the partnership? Who approached whom?
I have run into Juliet at quite a few craft shows and briefly spoke to her about my seconds to possibly use in her jewelry. She mentioned the charity aspect of the collaboration which I loved so when the wind knocked over 2 of my platters at a show. I knew what to do – I plopped the shards into a bag and asked Juliet if she would like to try to do something with them. The rest was all up to her!

What is the nature of your collaboration? (did one of you purchase the rights to use the other’s artwork, do you both receive revenue from sales, is the artwork on-loan for a limited time or # of pieces….)
Juliet handled everything! I gave her the shards and choose the charity (the ASPCA for my overwhelming love of animals) and she is doing the rest. $5 from each piece will go to the ASPCA then the rest to Juliet for her time, materials and everything else that goes into selling handmade items. For me, I’m happy something came of my hard work and for the extra exposure to Juliet’s followers.


How did you coordinate the project work and determine who would do what?
Once Juliet had the pieces, it was just an e-mail or 2 to choose the charity. Juliet already had a process in place so it was easy on my side!

Is the collabo ongoing or was it a one-and-done deal?
I’d be glad to give Juliet some seconds to smash! So who knows!

What made you want to partner your art with someone else’s?
I usually don’t go for anyone using my shards but, after seeing what she did with a fellow potter’s (Diana Fayt) broken plate I felt good handing over the pieces.


Do you work with other artists to create collaborative pieces?
No, but I’m open to working with others on original projects.

Do you have any suggestions for other artists who are considering a collaborative project?
I suggest you do what feels right for you. You need to be comfortable with what your putting your name on.

If you could work with any other artist to create a piece together (famous and/or deceased included), who would it be and what would you make?
I would love to work with a master printer to create textiles with some of my designs. But I’m not sure who exactly that would be!
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Thank you, Linda! I really enjoyed learning how this whole process worked for both you and Juliet! I’m extra happy that you selected the ASPCA as the recipient of your sale proceeds!
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2 thoughts on “collabo : little flower designs & the broken plate

  1. I’ve never heard the term ‘collabo.’ How cute! I think this is a great feature. I’ve always been a fan of unique collaborations; they’re often needed when you have an idea or a skill that can’t come to fruition without the skills of someone else. My collaborations have usually been technology based. I have great ideas that need to heft of a top web developer to create. Anyhow, what a great interview. Thanks!

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