Clinging to Summer

clinging to summer

Summer always makes me feel light and breezy. I think the sun just brings out the happy in all of us, and it’s something I try to cling to for as long as possible. For some reason, it doesn’t matter that I still work in summer, that groceries still have to be bought, bathrooms cleaned, etc. It all seems a bit easier in the summer, and a lot less like the burden I usually deem it to be.

This year however, I’m not sure where summer has gone, but it’s flying by rather quickly, so I’m doing some things to cling to it the best that I can. I know that fall is coming, and I’ll gladly welcome it when it arrives. After all, I’m a sucker for changing colors, scarves, boots, and anything pumpkin spice- but I’m not willing to let go of summer quite yet.

Here is my list of things I’m doing to cling to summer:

Saying yes to happy hour more than I say no

Taking the opportunity to be outside when I have the chance

Flying by the seat of my pants

Not getting enough sleep, and waking up too early

Buying fresh flowers from the outdoor market

Allowing myself to still have down-time when I need it

Cultivating relationships that bring me joy

Ice cream- lots and lots of ice cream

Taking the long way when walking somewhere

Rolling down the windows and turning up the music while driving in the car

Jumping at the chance to go wine tasting

What are some things you are doing to cling to summer?

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