Cleaning: A Creative Practice?

photo credit: Omar Sharif Lenswork via photopin cc
photo credit: Omar Sharif Lenswork via photopin cc

Four weeks ago I gave my home a thorough and late-ish spring clean (much different from the weekly once-over) as in furniture was moved, doors were washed down, and limescale stains chased out of town. And though the bathroom sink is cracked, and the curtains, well let’s just say they were adopted, the flat looked light and glossy. Walking into each room was like taking a deep, soothing breath.

Summery-looking flowers graced window sills, the recycling bag was empty, and fresh air cartwheeled all over the place. I felt huge feelings of accomplishment, spaciousness, freedom, and wealth that lasted for days. Interesting?

I wonder what would happen if I maintained and worked from that environment for 365 days a year? Is that a gauntlet being thrown down? I read an article recently by writer and author Joyce Shafer about how we often “plan for bad days by default” when we fail to take care of the things that we have control over.

Looking after my home has become a creative practice that supports my creative life.

How do you create a delightful living environment that supports you? What feelings arise from that? Please share.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning: A Creative Practice?

  1. So true! I think I always thought that being messy meant that you were just creative but I really do feel so much better and am way more productive when I have a tidy workspace and home. It’s definitely a challenge for me my default setting isn’t ‘tidy’ but I’m trying…

    1. Thanks for sharing that Melissa. The quality of my feeling is a huge incentive to maintain this practice, because I know we create from the inside out. So if my environment can support me in that, more please!

  2. I always feel better when I clean my house too. It’s like the messy piles and disorganization in my home reflect my jumbled thoughts. I get my best creative ideas when my house looks clean and orderly.

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