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2013 Diary by HandMadeBooks – click on image for info

When it comes to kicking off 2013, are you a Gentle Ginny or a Jump-In Josephine?

Are you easing into the year through reflection and recapitulation, or are you being called to action, eager to get out there and make your mark?

My social media circles are overflowing with beautiful, thoughtfully chosen words and intentions for the year to come. As someone who deeply believes we can create the life we desire, I love witnessing this interest in living deliberately.

Among this energy of hope and forward movement, I am also detecting hints of trepidation, of feeling overwhelmed or fearful of being left behind.

What if I don’t have a word yet? What if I have no clue what I want to do this year? What if I’m not even done wrapping my head around 2012?

Comparison can be a real buzzkill.

Though we may find new year motivation in others, there’s no need to keep up with them if we don’t want to.

We each have our transition pace. Our job is to figure out what feels good and right to us, and honor it.

No one’s keeping score.

The new year is in its promising infancy. If you feel an urge to jump in with both feet and make your mark, then YES, do it! If you feel called to slow down and delve inward, then by all means, do that.

Either way it’s your path into 2013. Claim it, and make this year yours.

8 thoughts on “Claim Your Path Into 2013

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the words, Elizabeth. My planning for 2013 is coming along, gingerly and gently, as well.

      And YES, that *is* a beautiful diary! : )

  1. What a fabulous post – its ever so interesting how we all approach the New Year in our own way. My 2013 is off to an amazing start now you have featured my diary in your blog – I am so proud! – thank you so much. I am spending these first few weeks of 2013 designing the 2014 diaries… but taking time to reflect and plan as well. Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

    1. Katherine, your work is beautiful; it was my pleasure to put your diary up there. I can’t believe you’re already working on your 2014 products!

      Happy planning and reflecting, and happy 2013 wishes to you too!

  2. This year, call me Gentle Ginny… easing into 2013 with a myriad of words and intentions floating around in my mind. Nothing has settled yet, and thanks for the reminder that it’s perfectly OK. For me, the call of the new calendar year is being drowned out by Nature’s invitation to hibernate, to cocoon, to lie in waiting…

    I know I have some exciting travel plans in 2013 and perhaps, just perhaps, that journey will suffice. xox

    1. “Nature’s invitation to hibernate, to cocoon, to lie in waiting…”

      You know I love that Jag. ; ) And I can’t wait to see what your travel plans will bring! xo

  3. After ending 2012 with a successful bang, I’m following up 2012 by continuing to work on my dreams so I am very much a jump-in Josephine! My word for 2013 is Radiate! I put it right out into the universe, starting with my blog and instagram. Never thought I would share like that, but there you go. Change is Progress!

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